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The Digital Index of North American Archaeology: networking government data to navigate an uncertain future for the past

  • Eric C. Kansa (a1), Sarah W. Kansa (a1), Josh J. Wells (a2), Stephen J. Yerka (a3), Kelsey N. Myers (a2), Robert C. DeMuth (a4), Thaddeus G. Bissett (a5) and David G. Anderson (a3)...

The ‘Digital Index of North American Archaeology’ (DINAA) project demonstrates how the aggregation and publication of government-held archaeological data can help to document human activity over millennia and at a continental scale. These data can provide a valuable link between specific categories of information available from publications, museum collections and online databases. Integration improves the discovery and retrieval of records of archaeological research currently held by multiple institutions within different information systems. It also aids in the preservation of those data and makes efforts to archive these research results more resilient to political turmoil. While DINAA focuses on North America, its methods have global applicability.

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