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New perspectives on the Varna cemetery (Bulgaria) – AMS dates and social implications

  • Tom Higham (a1), John Chapman (a2), Vladimir Slavchev (a3), Bisserka Gaydarska (a2), Noah Honch (a1), Yordan Yordanov (a4) and Branimira Dimitrova (a4)...

The research team of this new project has begun the precision radiocarbon dating of the super-important Copper Age cemetery at Varna. These first dates show the cemetery in use from 4560-4450 BC, with the possibility that the richer burials are earlier and the poor burials later in the sequence. The limited number of lavish graves at Varna, representing no more than a handful of paramount chiefs, buried over 50-60 years, suggests a stabilisation of the new social structure by the early part of the Late Copper Age.

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