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Terminal Pleistocene to mid-Holocene occupation and an early cremation burial at Ille Cave, Palawan, Philippines

  • Helen Lewis (a1), Victor Paz (a2), Myra Lara (a2), Huw Barton (a3), Philip Piper (a2), Janine Ochoa (a2), Timothy Vitales (a2), A. Jane Carlos (a2), Tom Higham (a4), Leee Neri (a2), Vito Hernandez (a2), Janelle Stevenson (a5), Emil Charles Robles (a2), Andrea Ragragio (a2), Rojo Padilla (a2), Wilhelm Solheim (a2) and Wilfredo Ronquillo (a6)...

Excavations at a cave site on the island of Palawan in the Philippines show occupation from c. 11000 BP. A fine assemblage of tools and faunal remains shows the reliance of hunter-foragers switching from deer to pig. In 9500-9000 BP, a human cremation burial in a container was emplaced, the earliest yet known in the region.

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