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  • ISSN: 0307-4722 (Print), 2059-7525 (Online)
Editor: Erica Foden-Lenahan Bibliothek, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe|Reinhold-Frank-Str. 67 |76133 Karlsruhe |Germany
Deputy Editor: Gustavo Grandal Montero Chelsea College of Arts Library|16 John Islip Street|London SW1P 4JU|UK
Associate Editors: Kraig Binkowski Yale Center for British Art|1080 Chapel Street|New Haven CT 06520-8280|USA
Michael A. Wirtz QATAR Library|Al Luqta Street| Education City|Doha|Qatar
Published on behalf of the Art Libraries Society (ARLIS) UK & Ireland
Published quarterly since 1976, the Art Libraries Journal is the main international forum of the art library profession worldwide, with contributions from key specialists in art librarianship and the management of visual resources, and also from archivists and museum curators.

The Journal covers the role of art libraries today, from the impacts on art documentation of a changing research environment, the internet and digital technologies, to themed issues about artists, books, ephemera and online repositories.