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  • ISSN: 1323-8922 (Print), 1838-6059 (Online)
  • Editor: Elias Mpofu The University of Sydney, Australia; The University of North Texas, USA
  • Editorial board
The Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling contains original contributions dealing with a broad range of topics in the rehabilitation and disability fields. Topics include rehabilitation counselling, case management, rehabilitation education, rehabilitation administration, job placement, vocational assessment, psychosocial rehabilitation, independent living, transition planning, supported employment, industrial rehabilitation and disability management.

Cambridge Blog

  • How to make every Meeting great – through Nudging
  • 05 January 2021, Martin J. Eppler and Sebastian Kernbach
  • By now, you have probably heard of “Nudging”, the inexpensive approach from behavioral economics to change behavior through subtle modifications of processes and infrastructures.…...