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  • ISSN: 0813-4839 (Print), 2049-7768 (Online)
  • Editor: Ross Menzies University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Sydney, Australia
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Behaviour Change has long been considered a leader in its field. It is a quarterly journal that publishes research involving the application of behavioural and cognitive-behavioural principles and techniques to the assessment and treatment of various problems.

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Cambridge Blog

  • How bot flies affect mouse opossums, and how climate change can make it worse
  • 19 July 2019, Emerson Vieira
  • The latest Paper of the Month for Parasitology is ‘The impact of botfly parasitism on the health of the gracile mouse opossum (Gracilinanus agilis) by Emerson Vieira Two of the researchers associated with my lab, Priscilla L. Zangrandi, a PhD student at that time, and André F.…...