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Sustainability Climate Change and Mental Health

BJPsych Bulletin is proud to support the work of RCPsych Wales on sustainability, climate change and mental health. 

Following the conference held on 22 October 2021, Plaid Cymru's spokesperson for climate change, energy and transport Delyth Jewell MS will be seeking to establish a Senedd Cross Party Group on Climate and Wellbeing. She will be making the two recommendations that were reinforced during the conference as founding principles of the group: 

  • Any decision taken on climate change, energy and transport must consider and declare the positive and negative mental health implications.          
  • Welsh Government should explore making wellbeing the principal aim of its budget, in order to meet the needs of the people of Wales.

Following the recent publication of our special issue Climate and Mental Health, we were delighted that editors and authors who contributed to this important work presented as part of the conference programme.  
RCPsych Wales will be issuing a short report on the conference by mid-November 2021.

Catch up with the conference – free access to the videos 

Details can be found on the RCPsych website

Further Resources

 The College has recently issued several resources and positions in this area:  

• College's position on Sustainability   

• Information on eco distress for parents and carers as well as young people 


Watch the video summary of the lead editorial from BJPsych Bulletin’s special issue