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Cocoa and health: a decade of research

  • Karen A. Cooper (a1), Jennifer L. Donovan (a2), Andrew L. Waterhouse (a3) and Gary Williamson (a1)


It has been over 10 years since the first mention in a medical journal about cocoa and chocolate as potential sources of antioxidants for health. During this time, cocoa has been found to improve antioxidant status, reduce inflammation and correlate with reduced heart disease risk; with these results, and its popularity, it has received wide coverage in the press. However, after 10 years of research, what is known about the potential health benefits of cocoa and what are the important next steps in understanding this decadent source of antioxidants?

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      Cocoa and health: a decade of research
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      Cocoa and health: a decade of research
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      Cocoa and health: a decade of research
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Corresponding author

*Corresponding author: Dr Gary Williamson, fax +41 21 785 8544, email


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