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  • ISSN: 0007-1145 (Print), 1475-2662 (Online)
  • Editor: G C Burdge University of Southampton, UK
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British Journal of Nutrition is a leading international peer-reviewed journal covering research on human and clinical nutrition, animal nutrition and basic science as applied to nutrition. The journal recognises the multidisciplinary nature of nutritional science and includes material from all of the specialities involved in nutrition research, including molecular and cell biology and the emerging area of nutritional genomics.

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Nutrition Society Paper of the Month

British Journal of Nutrition news

  • Do your genes determine whether coffee is good or bad for you?
  • 12 June 2018, Tracey M. Robertson, Michael N. Clifford, Simon Penson, Peter Williams and M. Denise Robertson
  • The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for June is from the British Journal of Nutrition and is entitled  ‘Postprandial glycaemic and lipaemic responses...
  • Quorn protein on par with animal sources
  • 03 November 2017, Claire Wash
  • Protein found in Quorn vegetarian foods may be just as beneficial as animal proteins, new research published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests.