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Effects of ethanol consumption on the B-group vitamin contents of liver, blood and urine in rats

  • Aiko Miyazaki (a1), Mitsue Sano (a1), Tsutomu Fukuwatari (a1) and Katsumi Shibata (a1)


Several studies have shown that blood vitamin levels are lower in alcoholic patients than in control subjects. Acute ethanol exposure enhances the release of vitamins from liver cells in vitro. The aim of the present study is to confirm the effects of ethanol consumption on vitamin contents in vivo. We compared the contents of B-group vitamins in the liver, blood and urine between ethanol-fed and control rats fed a diet containing a sufficient- and low-vitamin mixture. The experimental rats were fed a 15 % ethanol solution freely for 28 d, and then 24 h urine samples were collected, after which the animals were killed. The B-group vitamin contents in the liver, blood and urine were measured. No differences in liver, blood and urine contents were observed between the control and ethanol-fed rats fed a diet containing a sufficient-vitamin mixture. On the contrary, in rats fed a diet containing a low-vitamin mixture, consumption of ethanol caused a decrease in the contents of vitamins B1, B2 and pantothenic acid in the liver; however, the contents of the other vitamins did not decrease. In the blood, the contents of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid were lower in the ethanol-fed rats than in the controls. Urinary excretion of the B-group vitamins, except for niacin, was lower in the ethanol-fed rats. These results show that ethanol consumption affects the absorption, distribution and excretion of each of the vitamins in rats fed a diet containing a low-vitamin mixture.

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      Effects of ethanol consumption on the B-group vitamin contents of liver, blood and urine in rats
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      Effects of ethanol consumption on the B-group vitamin contents of liver, blood and urine in rats
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      Effects of ethanol consumption on the B-group vitamin contents of liver, blood and urine in rats
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Corresponding author

*Corresponding author: K. Shibata, fax +81 749 28 8499, email


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