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Short- and long-term metabolic responses to diets with different protein:carbohydrate ratios in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis, Kaup 1858)

  • Marta Conde-Sieira (a1) (a2), Emilio Salas-Leiton (a1), Marta M. Duarte (a1) (a3), Nicole F. Pelusio (a1), José L. Soengas (a2) and Luísa M. P. Valente (a1) (a3)...

Four isolipidic and isoenergetic diets with different protein:carbohydrate (CH) contents (48:38, 52:34, 56:30, 60:26) were fed to juvenile Senegalese sole (22·01 (sem 0·01) g) during 104 d. Oral glucose tolerance tests were performed at the beginning (4 d) and at the end (104 d) of the experiment to assess the effect of the dietary treatment on glucose tolerance. Samples of blood, liver and muscle of all dietary groups were also obtained at the initial and final phases of the trial at different postprandial times (0, 1, 5 and 10 h after feeding) in order to analyse glucose and NEFA in plasma, and metabolites and enzyme activities involved in glycogen metabolism, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis and lipogenesis pathways in liver and muscle. The results obtained in this study suggest a good glucose tolerance in Senegalese sole. This species tolerated important amounts of CH in the diet without showing any deleterious signs in terms of growth or any metabolic disorders. After 104 d of feeding diets with an important amount of CH (48:38 and 52:34), the control of glycaemia was maintained and even postprandial glucose levels in plasma were (in general) lower than at the beginning of the experiment. This reasonable tolerance to glucose is also reflected by an increased use of glucose through glycolysis in liver (indicated by glucokinase activity), and the absence of changes in lipogenic potential in the same tissue (indicated by ATP citrate lyase activity). No clear changes were induced in the muscle by the dietary treatments.

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      Short- and long-term metabolic responses to diets with different protein:carbohydrate ratios in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis, Kaup 1858)
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      Short- and long-term metabolic responses to diets with different protein:carbohydrate ratios in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis, Kaup 1858)
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      Short- and long-term metabolic responses to diets with different protein:carbohydrate ratios in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis, Kaup 1858)
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Corresponding author
* Corresponding author: L. M. P. Valente, fax +351 22 340 18 38, email
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