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Monoidal Categories, 2-Traces, and Cyclic Cohomology

  • Mohammad Hassanzadeh (a1), Masoud Khalkhali (a2) and Ilya Shapiro (a1)

In this paper we show that to a unital associative algebra object (resp. co-unital co-associative co-algebra object) of any abelian monoidal category ( $\mathscr{C},\otimes$ ) endowed with a symmetric 2-trace, i.e., an $F\in \text{Fun}(\mathscr{C},\text{Vec})$ satisfying some natural trace-like conditions, one can attach a cyclic (resp. cocyclic) module, and therefore speak of the (co)cyclic homology of the (co)algebra “with coefficients in $F$ ”. Furthermore, we observe that if $\mathscr{M}$ is a $\mathscr{C}$ -bimodule category and $(F,M)$ is a stable central pair, i.e., $F\in \text{Fun}(\mathscr{M},\text{Vec})$ and $M\in \mathscr{M}$ satisfy certain conditions, then $\mathscr{C}$ acquires a symmetric 2-trace. The dual notions of symmetric 2-contratraces and stable central contrapairs are derived as well. As an application we can recover all Hopf cyclic type (co)homology theories.

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