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Second-Order Two-Scale Computational Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Problems of Composites with Cylindrical Periodicity


In this paper, a novel second-order two-scale (SOTS) computational method is developed for nonlinear dynamic thermo-mechanical problems of composites with cylindrical periodicity. The non-linearities of these multi-scale problems were caused by the temperature-dependent properties of the composites. Firstly, the formal SOTS solutions for these problems are constructed by the multiscale asymptotic analysis. Then we theoretically explain the importance of the SOTS solutions by the error analysis in the pointwise sense. In addition, a SOTS numerical algorithm is proposed in detail to effectively solve these problems. Finally, some numerical examples verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the SOTS numerical algorithm we proposed.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (H. Dong), (J. Cui), (Y. Nie), (Z. Yang)


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Second-Order Two-Scale Computational Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Problems of Composites with Cylindrical Periodicity


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