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Odd zeta motive and linear forms in odd zeta values

  • Clément Dupont (a1)


We study a family of mixed Tate motives over  $\mathbb{Z}$ whose periods are linear forms in the zeta values  $\unicode[STIX]{x1D701}(n)$ . They naturally include the Beukers–Rhin–Viola integrals for  $\unicode[STIX]{x1D701}(2)$ and the Ball–Rivoal linear forms in odd zeta values. We give a general integral formula for the coefficients of the linear forms and a geometric interpretation of the vanishing of the coefficients of a given parity. The main underlying result is a geometric construction of a minimal ind-object in the category of mixed Tate motives over  $\mathbb{Z}$ which contains all the non-trivial extensions between simple objects. In a joint appendix with Don Zagier, we prove the compatibility between the structure of the motives considered here and the representations of their periods as sums of series.



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Odd zeta motive and linear forms in odd zeta values

  • Clément Dupont (a1)


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