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Stability of products of equivalence relations

  • Amine Marrakchi (a1)


An ergodic probability measure preserving (p.m.p.) equivalence relation ${\mathcal{R}}$ is said to be stable if ${\mathcal{R}}\cong {\mathcal{R}}\times {\mathcal{R}}_{0}$ where ${\mathcal{R}}_{0}$ is the unique hyperfinite ergodic type $\text{II}_{1}$ equivalence relation. We prove that a direct product ${\mathcal{R}}\times {\mathcal{S}}$ of two ergodic p.m.p. equivalence relations is stable if and only if one of the two components ${\mathcal{R}}$ or ${\mathcal{S}}$ is stable. This result is deduced from a new local characterization of stable equivalence relations. The similar question on McDuff $\text{II}_{1}$ factors is also discussed and some partial results are given.



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The author is supported by ERC Starting Grant GAN 637601.



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Stability of products of equivalence relations

  • Amine Marrakchi (a1)


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