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Data & Policy is a peer-reviewed, open access venue dedicated to the potential of data science to address important policy challenges. It aims to confront and mitigate the barriers to the greater use of data in policy-making and governance, whilst arriving at a better understanding of how data can be used in responsible and efficient manner. The journal promotes interactions between experts in different domains. It publishes research articles accompanied by impact statements that allow a wide readership to grasp their significance, and nuanced discussion papers about the ethical, legal and privacy implications of data-driven research.   Contributors are welcome to submit papers and ideas, whether they are technical experts, or specialists in data, policy or other areas of research. Freely available to read, share and distribute across boundaries, Data & Policy also welcomes readers and contributors outside of academia (e.g. in international organisations, government, non-profit or private sectors, and the general public).

Medium - Data Science

  • Predicting the Popularity of Instagram Posts
  • 21 May 2019, Guilherme Regos Zamorano
  • In this article, we will discuss our methods and results in attempting to predict what makes an Instagram post more or less popular. First…Continue reading...