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Continuing toward an operational definition of psychological maltreatment

  • Douglas Barnett (a1), Jody Todd Manly (a1) and Dante Cicchetti (a1)


More than any other subtype of abuse and neglect, psychological maltreatment offers a number of unique challenges to theoreticians and researchers. Although progress has been made, contention still remains over the definition of psychological maltreatment and its relation to other forms of child abuse and neglect (Brassard, Germain, & Hart, 1987; Garbarino, Guttmann, & Seeley, 1986). Thus, the definition and operationalization of psychological maltreatment continue to be important issues that require further research and explanation. In fact, the development of standardized definitions and assessment techniques for all forms of maltreatment is crucial to increase communication across laboratories, and across disciplines.


Corresponding author

Address reprint requests to: Douglas Barnett, Mt. Hope Family Center, Department of Psychology, University of Rochester, 187 Edinburgh Street, Rochester, NY 14608.


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