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Cambridge University Press ceased publication of Edinburgh Journal of Botany on completion of Volume 77 (2020). From Issue 1 of Volume 78 (2021) the Journal is published by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Please visit the new website here.

For all new submissions to Edinburgh Journal of Botany, please visit the new publisher's submissions portal here. For all Volume 77 (2020) subscription inquiries, please contact our Customer Services team at

For details of Cambridge's growing Life Sciences programme in books and journals, please click here.

  • No longer published by Cambridge University Press
  • ISSN: 0960-4286 (Print), 1474-0036 (Online)
  • Editor: Dr Neil Bell Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK
  • Editorial board
Edinburgh Journal of Botany is an international journal of plant systematics covering related aspects of biodiversity, conservation science and phytogeography for plants and fungi. The journal is a particularly valued forum for research on South East and South West Asian, Sino-Himalayan and Brazilian biodiversity. The journal also publishes important work on European, Central American and African biodiversity and encourages submissions from throughout the world. Commissioned book reviews are also included. All papers are peer reviewed and an international editorial board provides a body of expertise to reflect the wide range of work published and the geographical spread of the journal’s authors and readers.