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Phase transitions in long-range Ising models and an optimal condition for factors of $g$ -measures



We weaken the assumption of summable variations in a paper by Verbitskiy [On factors of $g$ -measures. Indag. Math. (N.S.)22 (2011), 315–329] to a weaker condition, Berbee’s condition, in order for a one-block factor (a single-site renormalization) of the full shift space on finitely many symbols to have a $g$ -measure with a continuous $g$ -function. But we also prove by means of a counterexample that this condition is (within constants) optimal. The counterexample is based on the second of our main results, where we prove that there is a critical inverse temperature in a one-sided long-range Ising model which is at most eight times the critical inverse temperature for the (two-sided) Ising model with long-range interactions.



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