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Author(s): Briceño, Raimundo; Manuscript Title: The topological strong spatial mixing property and new conditions for pressure approximation; Accepted: 04-Sep-2016

Author(s): Newman, Julian; Manuscript Title: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Stable Synchronisation in Random Dynamical Systems; Accepted: 06-Sep-2016

Author(s): Baker, Simon; Manuscript Title: Approximation properties of β-expansions II; Accepted: 04-Sep-2016

Author(s): Basso, Giuliano; Manuscript Title: Fixed point theorems for metric spaces with a conical geodesic bicombing; Accepted: 12-Sep-2016

Author(s: Koropecki, Andres; Tal, Fabio; Manuscript Title: Fully essential dynamics for area-preserving surface homeomorphisms; Accepted: 12-Sep-2016

Author(s): Bridgeman, Martin; Canary, Richard; Sambarino, Andrés; Manuscript Title: AN INTRODUCTION TO PRESSURE METRICS FOR HIGHER TEICHMULLER SPACES; Accepted: 12-Sep-2016

Author(s): Schafhauser, Christopher; Manuscript Title: Traces on Topological Graph Algebra; Accepted: 20-Sep-2016

Author(s): Arnoux, Pierre; Labbé, Sébastie; Manuscript Title: On some symmetric multidimensional continued fraction Algorithm; Accepted: 20-Sep-2016

Author(s): Tsujii, Masato; Manuscript Title: The error term in the prime orbit theorem for expanding semi flows; Accepted: 21-Sept-2016

Author(s): Bandtlow, Oscar; Rugh, Hans; Manuscript Title: Entropy-continuity for interval maps with holes; Accepted: 08-Sep-2016

Author(s): Morris, Ian; Manuscript Title: Ergodic properties of matrix equilibrium state; Accepted: 04-Sep-2016

Author(s): Sixsmith, David; Nicks, Danie; Manuscript Title: Periodic domains of quasiregular maps; Accepted: 06-Oct-2016

Author(s): Pavlov, Ronnie; Manuscript Title: Topologically completely positive entropy and zero-dimensional topologically completely positive entropy; Accepted: 12-Oct-2016

Author(s): Del Magno, Gianluigi; Lopes Dias, João; Duarte, Pedro; Gaivão, José Pedro; Manuscript Title: Hyperbolic polygonal billiards with finitely many ergodic SRB measures; Accepted: 19-Oct-2016

Author(s): FAN, Ai Hua; Jiang, Yunping; Manuscript Title: Oscillating Sequences, MMA and MMLS Flows and Sarnak's Conjecture; Accepted: 18-Oct-2016

Author(s): Xia, Zhihong; Deng, Yanxi; Manuscript Title: CONLEY-ZEHNDER INDEX AND BIFURCATION OF FIXED POINTS OF HAMILTONIAN MAPS; Accepted: 17-Jun-2016

Author(s): Li, Jian; Oprocha, Piotr; Manuscript Title: Properties of invariant measures in dynamical systems with the shadowing property; Accepted: 25 Oct 2016

Author(s): Fernández, Leobardo; Good, Chris; Puljiz, Mate; Manuscript Title: Almost Minimal Systems and Periodicity in Hyperspaces; Accepted: 25 Oct 2016

Author(s): WANG, Xiaodong; Manuscript Title: Hyperbolicity versus weak periodic orbits inside homoclinic classes; Accepted: 26 Oct 2016

Author(s): Fernos, Talia; Manuscript Title: The Furstenberg Poisson Boundary and CAT(0) Cube Complexes; Accepted: 25 Oct 2016

Author(s): Dong, Yiwei; Oprocha, Piotr; Tian, Xuetin; Manuscript Title: On the irregular points for systems with the shadowing propert; Accepted: 29 Oct 2016


Author(s): Donoso, Sebastian; Sun, Wenb; Manuscript Title: POINTWISE MULTIPLE AVERAGES FOR SYSTEMS WITH TWO COMMUTING TRANSFORMATIONS; Accepted: 25 Oct 2016

Author(s): Conejeros, Jonathan; Manuscript Title: The Local Rotation Set Is an Interval; Accepted: 03 Nov 2016

Author(s): He, Yan; Manuscript Title: Basmajian-type identities and Hausdorff dimension of limit set; Accepted: 07 Nov 2016

Author(s): Gadre, Vaibhav; Maher, Joseph; Manuscript Title: The stratum of random mapping classes; Accepted: 14 Nov 2016

Author(s): Peter Burton; Manuscript Title: Topology and convexity in the space of actions modulo weak equivalence; Accepted: 09 Nov 2016

Author(s): Kanigowski, Adam; Solomko, Anton; Manuscript Title: On rank of von Neumann special flows; Accepted: 14 Nov 2016

Author(s): Drimbe, Daniel; Manuscript Title: COCYCLE AND ORBIT EQUIVALENCE SUPERRIGIDITY FOR COINDUCED ACTIONS; Accepted: 15 Nov 2016

Author(s): Deprez, Tobe; Vaes, Stefaan; Manuscript Title: Inner amenability, property Gamma, McDuff II_1 factors and stable equivalence relations; Accepted: 15 Nov 2016

Author(s): Hirayama, Michihiro; Sumi, Naoya; Manuscript Title: On the ergodicity of hyperbolic Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen measures II: the low-dimensional case; Accepted: 06 Nov 2016