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Editorial board

For further details on the mathematical interests of the editorial board, please see Instructions for Contributors.


Dr B. Owens, School of Mathematics and Statistics|University of Glasgow|Glasgow |G12 8QW, UK

Subject Editor - Algebra

Professor Indira Chatterji, University of Nice, France

Dr J. Grabowski, Lancaster University, UK

Professor V. Mazorchuk, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Subject Editor - Algebraic Geometry

Professor G. Brown, University of Warwick, UK

Subject Editor - Topology

Dr A. J. Baker, University of Glasgow, UK

Professor S. Friedl, University of Regensburg, Germany

Subject Editor - Analysis

Professor N. Bez, Saitama University, Japan

Professor V. Moroz, Swansea University, UK

Professor A. Skalski, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Subject Editor - Mathematical Physics

Dr O. Chalykh, University of Leeds, UK

Subject Editor - Number Theory

Professor T. Dokchitser, University of Bristol, UK