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  • ISSN: 0003-4452 (Print), 2398-676X (Online)
  • Editor: Emilio Viano International Society of Criminology, Washington DC, USA
  • Editorial board
The International Annals of Criminology is an international and multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study of crime and crime prevention. Published by the International Society of Criminology, the Annals is one of the oldest continuously published scholarly journals in the area of criminology. Its mission is to further the dissemination of original international material on criminology and criminal justice, with a particular focus on different contexts beyond Europe and North America. The Annals welcomes contributions relating to crime, cybercrime, crime prevention, criminal law, medico-legal subject matters, and the administration of criminal justice and provides a platform for learning, debate, and collaboration among criminologists, policy makers, professionals, and practitioners worldwide.

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Social Studies from the Cambridge Core blog

  • Protecting Academic Freedom: Using the Past to Chart a Path Toward the Future
  • 30 July 2018, Joy Ann Williamson-Lott
  • This blog accompanies the Forum on Academic Freedom published in History of Education Quarterly. In the past decade or so, there has been an uptick in assaults on academic freedom across the globe.  Whether through watch lists, denial of visas to travel to professional conferences, firings, or detentions and jail sentences, professors and teachers are battling for the freedom to regulate their own professional lives against government (and even administrative) officials who invoke national security and patriotism to justify suppression and enforce a particular consensus on contentious issues.…...