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Effects of high-energy astrophysical events on habitable planets

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  10 August 2012

Jorge E. Horvath
Astrobiology Laboratory, Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica e Ciências Atmosféricas, Universidade de São Paulo, R. do Matão 1226, Cidade Universitária, 05508-090 São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Douglas Galante*
Astrobiology Laboratory, Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica e Ciências Atmosféricas, Universidade de São Paulo, R. do Matão 1226, Cidade Universitária, 05508-090 São Paulo, SP, Brazil


With the possible exception of meteor impacts, high-energy astrophysical events such as supernovae, gamma-ray bursts (GRB) and flares are usually not taken into account for biological and evolutionary studies due to their low rates of occurrence. We show that a class of these events may occur at distances and time scales in which their biological effects are non-negligible, maybe more frequent than the impacts of large asteroids. We review the effects of four transient astrophysical sources of ionizing radiation on biospheres – stellar flares, giant flares from soft gamma repeaters (SGR), supernovae and GRB. The main damaging features of them are briefly discussed and illustrated. We point out some open problems and ongoing work.

Research Article
Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2012

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