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A 40 Gbps electro-absorption modulator integrated laser modeling method for optical transmitter in ultra-wide band radio-over-fiber systems

  • Frédérique Deshours (a1), Anne-Laure Billabert (a2), Catherine Algani (a2), Fabrice Blache (a3), Christian Rumelhard (a2) and Georges Alquié (a1)...

The great interest of optical fiber links in communicating systems especially in ultra-wide band (UWB) communications has grown up in the last decade and requires co-simulation for mixed circuits design exploiting both optical and microwave domains. In this paper, we report an original modeling method of an electro-absorption modulator associated with a distributed-feedback laser to simulate an optical transmitter of an UWB over fiber system. Large signal optoelectronic device models can be developed and implemented in a high-frequency simulator, such as advanced design system-Ptolemy to analyze the performances of fiber radio links and study the impact of the transmitter characteristics. This specific simulation way, taking into account precisely electrical characteristics of both electrical and optical circuits, links two different frequency domains by coupling electrical and optical modules in the same system simulator. Therefore, a complete simulation of an UWB multi-band orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signal transmission over fiber with an external modulator is investigated.

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