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A 79 GHz SiGe short-range radar sensor for automotive applications

  • Joachim Massen (a1), Michael Frei (a2), Wolfgang Menzel (a2) and Ulrich Möller (a1)


The field of short- and mid-range radar sensors for automotive comfort and safety systems is a fast-growing market. The frequency regulation provides a new 76–81 GHz frequency band, which will be mandatory in the EU for ultra-wideband sensors from 2018. In the “radar-on-chip for cars” (RoCC) project funded by the German Ministry of Research (BMBF), a new technology was developed based on SiGe components with the objective to make the sensors affordable for all car platforms. This paper reports on the contribution of Continental A.D.C. GmbH to the joint “RoCC” project. The aim of the project was to exploit the cost-reduction potential of the SiGe technology by a further integration of the individual components and to show that the reliability and the functionality of the new sensors can meet the current requirements of the market. For this purpose, we evaluated the new eWLB package technology of Infineon. The Institute of Microwave Techniques of the University of Ulm supported us in designing a substrate integrated slotted waveguide antenna array. Demonstration sensors for short- and mid-range applications were built up and tested in the laboratory. To show the ability of the sensors to deal with real scenarios on the road, they were integrated into an experimental vehicle.


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