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An improved stopband and sharp roll off microstrip low pass filter with defected ground structures

  • Agâh Oktay Ertay (a1), Mehmet Abbak (a1) and Serkan Şimşek (a1)

In this paper a novel low pass filter (LPF) design procedure is proposed for electromagnetic bandgap based microstrip filters without using classical filter design approach. LPF is designed for ultra-wide stopband and sharp roll-off rate via proposed design procedure. It has been shown that finite periodic fan-shaped defected ground structures (FSDGSs) and double radial stubs (DRSs) yield broad stopband and very sharp transition band. The proposed LPF has −3 dB passband from dc to 1.49 GHz, and −20 dB broad stopband from 1.65 GHz up to 7.41 GHz. Full wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation of the proposed filter is achieved with ANSYS's High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) and equivalent circuit (EC) model of the filter is proposed and verified via Applied Wave Research (AWR) software. To verify the simulations, filter is realized on ARLON AD1000 substrate, and measured with Agilent 5245A PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer. Measurement results of fabricated filter are in good agreement with EM and EC simulations.

Corresponding author
Corresponding author: A.O. Ertay Email:
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