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An ultra-wideband, polarization insensitive metamaterial absorber based on multiple resistive film layers with wide-incident-angle stability

  • Guangsheng Deng (a1), Kun Lv (a1), Hanxiao Sun (a1), Yuan Hong (a2), Xiaoying Zhang (a2), Zhiping Yin (a1), Ying Li (a1) and Jun Yang (a1)...


In this work, we propose a broadband, polarization-insensitive and wide incident angle stable metamaterial absorber (MA) based on the resistive film. The absorber consists of a three-layer structure with each layer of dielectric substrate printed with different shapes of resistive film. The multilayer structure not only extends the absorption bandwidth but also maintains high absorption under large wave incident angles. Numerical simulation shows that the absorptivity of a normal incident wave is above 90% in the frequency range 2.34–18.95 GHz, corresponding to a relative absorption bandwidth of 156%. Moreover, the whole MA structure has a total thickness of 11.3 mm, corresponding to 0.09 λ0 at its lowest absorption frequency. Due to the high symmetry of the structure, the absorber has good polarization insensitivity. In addition, for both transverse electric and transverse magnetic incidence, the proposed absorber achieves an absorptivity of more than 80% at incident angles of up to 45° and thus has good stability for wide incident angles. The absorption principle of the absorber is analyzed by the surface current and power loss density distribution. Parameter analysis is also performed for bandwidth optimization. Due to its advantages of wideband absorption with high efficiency, the proposed absorber has the potential to be applied to the energy-harvesting and electromagnetic stealth fields.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Jun Yang, E-mail:


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An ultra-wideband, polarization insensitive metamaterial absorber based on multiple resistive film layers with wide-incident-angle stability

  • Guangsheng Deng (a1), Kun Lv (a1), Hanxiao Sun (a1), Yuan Hong (a2), Xiaoying Zhang (a2), Zhiping Yin (a1), Ying Li (a1) and Jun Yang (a1)...


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