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Theoretical and experimental development of a high-conversion-efficiency rectifier at X-band

  • Feifei Tan (a1) and Changjun Liu (a1)

Voltage doubler rectifiers are usually applied to systems with high voltage and low current requirement. An X band voltage doubler rectifier has been developed with 72% conversion efficiency. To the best of our knowledge, the obtained rectifying efficiency is the maximum reported to date at X band with Schottky diodes. The working characteristics of the diodes in the voltage doubler rectifier are analyzed in detail. Closed-form equations of diode input impedance and rectifying efficiency are presented and validated using Advanced Design System simulations. The matching network design of the proposed rectifier is based on the closed-form equations. The preliminary rectifying efficiency is predicted by the closed-form equations as well. Measured and simulated results are in good agreement.

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