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Collection 3. 1986-1991: Stephen D. Krasner


International Organization 1986–91: The Rise of Norms and Domestic Politics
Stephen D. Krasner

I was editor of International Organization from 1986 until the first part of 1991. The two most widely cited articles ever to appear in International Organization, Robert Putnam’s “Diplomacy and Domestic Politics: The Logic of Two-Level Games” and Peter Haas’s “Introduction: Epistemic Communities and International Policy Coordination,” which was the lead article for a special issue on epistemic communities, appeared while I was editor.1 These two papers addressed issues that have become ever more important in the study of international relations: the influence of domestic politics on international behavior and systems; and the impact of ideas/norms/identities—the multiplicity of factors associated with nonmaterial considerations—in the study of politics. Our understanding of the relationship between domestic and international factors has grown richer since the late 1980s. But regarding nonmaterial factors, we are still wandering in the wilderness, despite Haas’s paper and a number of other notable contributions that appeared in International Organization before, during, and after the period when I was editor.