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Editorial Board

Joseph Alter, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Associate Editors, China

Hilde De Weerdt, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Kelly Hammond, University of Arkansas, USA

Associate Editor, Inner Asia

Rian Thum, University of Nottingham, UK

Associate Editor, Japan

Kate McDonald, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Associate Editor, Korea

Albert Park, Claremont McKenna College, USA

Associate Editors, South Asia

Purnima Dhavan, University of Washington, USA

Durba Ghosh, Cornell University, USA

Associate Editor, Southeast Asia

Meredith Weiss, University at Albany, SUNY, USA

Book Review Editor, China Pre-1900

Charles Sanft, University of Tennessee, USA

Book Review Editor, China 1900-Present

Gina Tam, Trinity University, USA

Book Review Editor, Inner Asia

Charlene Makley, Reed College, USA

Book Review Editor, Japan

Michael Cronin, William & Mary, USA

Book Review Editor, Korea

Ji-Yeon O. Jo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Book Review Editor, South Asia

Andrew Quintman, Wesleyan University, USA

Book Review Co-Editors, Southeast Asia

Olga Dror, Texas A&M University, USA

Matthew Reeder, Yale-NUS, Singapore

Book Review Editor, Transnational and Comparative

Gabriela Alejandra Dans Lee, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Liaison to Sponsors

Jennifer Rodriguez, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Sponsoring Institutions

Asian Studies Center and Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, University of Michigan, USA