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JEPS is open for business

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year!

We are happy to announce that JEPS is back from winter hiatus. We’re also happy to announce that, in consultation with the Journal Advisory Committee, we have decided to increase word limits to bring JEPS in line with other short-article journals in the discipline

The new word limits will be as follows:

Research Articles (4000 words) report novel empirical findings, theoretical contributions, or some combination of the two based on well-designed and executed original experiments.

Short Reports (1000 words) are concise summaries of findings that do not meet the level of theoretical and/or empirical contribution showcased in research articles, but do inform best practices, measurement, or show innovations in experimental designs and protocols that would be of broad interest to experimentalists.

Replications (3000 words) are concise summaries of replications of previous experimental findings. Authors should make the case that the replications are informative (e.g., well-powered with consideration given to any key factors — such as context, sample, mode of treatment, etc. — that vary between the original and the replication).

Meta-Analyses (3000 words) are concise summaries of an analyses of previously reported experimental findings (both published and unpublished) that inform a well-defined question or domain in the study of politics.

So, please submit your research to the Journal of Experimental Political Science. To learn more and submit a manuscript, follow this link.

Best wishes,
Vin Arceneaux, Editor
Rick Wilson, Senior Associate Editor
Cheryl Boudreau, Associate Editor
Sarah Bush, Associate Editor
Jennifer Jerit, Associate Editor
Jaime Settle, Associate Editor
Betsy Sinclair, Associate Editor
Jonathan Woon, Associate Editor
Liz Zechmeister, Associate Editor