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Acceleration statistics of finite-sized particles in turbulent flow: the role of Faxén forces

  • E. CALZAVARINI (a1) (a2), R. VOLK (a1) (a2), M. BOURGOIN (a3) (a2), E. LÉVÊQUE (a1) (a2), J.-F. PINTON (a1) (a2) and F. TOSCHI (a4) (a2)...

The dynamics of particles in turbulence when the particle size is larger than the dissipative scale of the carrier flow are studied. Recent experiments have highlighted signatures of particles' finiteness on their statistical properties, namely a decrease of their acceleration variance, an increase of correlation times (at increasing the particles size) and an independence of the probability density function of the acceleration once normalized to their variance. These effects are not captured by point-particle models. By means of a detailed comparison between numerical simulations and experimental data, we show that a more accurate description is obtained once Faxén corrections are included.

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