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An experimental study of the onset of parametrically pumped surface waves in viscous fluids

  • John Bechhoefer (a1), Valerie Ego (a1), Sebastien Manneville (a1) and Brad Johnson (a1)

We measure the threshold accelerations necessary to excite surface waves in a vertically vibrated fluid container (the Faraday instability). Under the proper conditions, the thresholds and onset wavelengths agree with recent theoretical predictions for a laterally infinite, finite-depth container filled with a viscous fluid. Experimentally, we show that by using a viscous, non-polar fluid, the finite-size effects of sidewalls and the effects of surface contamination can be made negligible. We also show that finite-size corrections are of order h/L, where h is the fluid depth and L the container size. Based on these measurements, one can more easily interpret certain unexpected observations from previous experimental studies of the Faraday instability.

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