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Cavitation bubble dynamics in a liquid gap of variable height



We report on an experimental study of cavitation bubble dynamics within sub-millimetre-sized narrow gaps. The gap height is varied, while the position of the cavitation event is fixed with respect to the lower gap wall. Four different sizes of laser-induced cavitation bubbles are studied using high-speed photography of up to 430,000 frames per second. We find a strong influence of the gap height, H, on the bubble dynamics, in particular on the collapse scenario. Also, similar bubble dynamics was found for the same non-dimensional gap height η = H/Rx, where Rx is the maximum radius in the horizontal direction. Three scenarios are observed: neutral collapse at the gap centre, collapse onto the lower wall and collapse onto the upper wall. For intermediate gap height the bubble obtains a conical shape 1.4 < η < 7.0. For large distances, η > 7.0, the bubble no longer feels the presence of the upper wall and collapses hemispherically. The collapse time increases with respect to the expansion time for decreasing values of η. Due to the small scales involved, the final stage of the bubble collapse could not be resolved temporally and numerical simulations were performed to elucidate the details of the flow. The simulations demonstrate high-speed jetting towards the upper and lower walls and complex bubble splitting for neutral collapses.


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