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Chaotic advection by laminar flow in a twisted pipe

  • Scott W. Jones (a1), Oran M. Thomas (a1) and Hassan Aref (a1)

The appearance of chaotic particle trajectories in steady, laminar, incompressible flow through a twisted pipe of circular cross-section is demonstrated using standard dynamical systems diagnostics and a model flow based on Dean's perturbation solutions. A study is performed to determine the parameters that control fluid stirring in this mixing device that has no moving parts. Insight into the chaotic dynamics are provided by a simple one-dimensional map of the pipe boundary onto itself. The results of numerical experiments illustrating the stretching of material lines, stirring of blobs of material, and the three-dimensional trajectories of fluid particles are presented. Finally, enhanced longitudinal particle dispersal due to the coupling between chaos in the transverse direction and the non-uniform longitudinal transport of particles is shown.

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