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Collision rate of ice crystals with water droplets in turbulent flows

  • Aurore Naso (a1), Jennifer Jucha (a2), Emmanuel Lévêque (a1) and Alain Pumir (a3)

Riming, the process whereby ice crystals get coated by impacting supercooled liquid droplets, is one of the dominant processes leading to precipitation in mixed-phase clouds. How a settling crystal collides with very small water droplets has been mostly studied in laminar conditions. The present numerical study aims at providing further insight on how turbulent flow motion affects the riming of ice crystals. We model the crystals as narrow oblate ellipsoids, smaller than the Kolmogorov elementary scale. By neglecting the effect of fluid inertia on the motion of the crystals and droplets, and using direct numerical simulations of the Navier–Stokes equations in a moderately turbulent regime, over a range of kinetic energy dissipation $1~\text{cm}^{2}~\text{s}^{-3}\lesssim \unicode[STIX]{x1D700}\lesssim 256~\text{cm}^{2}~\text{s}^{-3}$ , we determine the collision rate between disk-shaped ice crystals and very small liquid water droplets. Whereas differential settling plays the dominant role in determining the collision rate at small turbulence intensity, the role of turbulence becomes more important at the large values of $\unicode[STIX]{x1D700}$ simulated, an effect that can be partly attributed to the increased role of inertia. We always find that collisions occur with a large probability on the rim of the ellipsoids, a phenomenon that can be explained to a large extent by kinematic considerations. The difference in the settling velocity of crystals and droplets induces a strong asymmetry in the probability of collision between the faces of the ellipsoids. Our results shed light on the physical mechanisms involved in the riming of ice crystals in clouds.

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