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A coupled variational principle for 2D interactions between water waves and a rigid body containing fluid

  • Hamid Alemi Ardakani (a1)


New variational principles are given for the two-dimensional interactions between gravity-driven water waves and a rotating and translating rectangular vessel dynamically coupled to its interior potential flow with uniform vorticity. The complete set of equations of motion for the exterior water waves, the exact nonlinear hydrodynamic equations of motion for the vessel in the roll/pitch, sway/surge and heave directions, and also the full set of equations of motion for the interior fluid of the vessel, relative to the body coordinate system attached to the rotating–translating vessel, are derived from two Lagrangian functionals.


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A coupled variational principle for 2D interactions between water waves and a rigid body containing fluid

  • Hamid Alemi Ardakani (a1)


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