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A description of the organized motion in the turbulent far wake of a cylinder at low Reynolds number

  • R. A. Antonia (a1), L. W. B. Browne (a1), D. K. Bisset (a1) and L. Fulachier (a2)

The topology of the organized motion has been obtained in the slightly heated self-preserving far wake of a circular cylinder at a Reynolds number, based on the cylinder diameter, of about 1200. In a frame of reference moving with the organized motion, the toplogy in the plane of main shear reduces to a succession of centres and saddles, located at about the wake half-width. Centres are identifiable by large values of spanwise vorticity associated with the coherent large-scale motion. Saddles occur at the intersection of converging and diverging separatrices, the latter being identifiable with the high strain rate due to the large-scale motion. Large values of the longitudinal turbulence intensity associated with the smaller-scale motion occur at the centres. High values of the normal and shear stresses, the temperature variance and heat fluxes associated with the large-scale motion occur on either side of each saddle point along the direction of the diverging separatrix. Contours for the production of energy and temperature variance associated with the small-scale motion are aligned along the diverging separatrices, and have maxima near the saddle point. Contours for one component of the dissipation of small-scale temperature variance also have a high concentration along the diverging separatrix. Flow visualizations in the far wake suggest the existence of groups of three-dimensional bulges which are made up of clusters of vortex loops.

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