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Direct numerical simulation of pattern formation in subaqueous sediment

  • Aman G. Kidanemariam (a1) and Markus Uhlmann (a1)


We present results of direct numerical simulation of incompressible fluid flow over a thick bed of mobile spherically shaped particles. The algorithm is based upon the immersed-boundary technique for fluid–solid coupling and uses a soft-sphere model for the solid–solid contact. Two parameter points in the laminar flow regime are chosen, leading to the emergence of sediment patterns classified as ‘small dunes’, while one case under turbulent flow conditions leads to ‘vortex dunes’ with significant flow separation on the lee side. The wavelength, amplitude and propagation speed of the patterns extracted from the spanwise-averaged fluid–bed interface are found to be consistent with available experimental data. The particle transport rates are well represented by available empirical models for flow over a plane sediment bed in both the laminar and the turbulent regimes.


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Direct numerical simulation of pattern formation in subaqueous sediment

  • Aman G. Kidanemariam (a1) and Markus Uhlmann (a1)


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