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Boundary-induced autophoresis of isotropic colloids: anomalous repulsion in the lubrication limit

  • Ehud Yariv (a1)


When suspended in a liquid solution, chemically active colloids may self-propel due to an asymmetry in either particle shape or the interfacial distribution of solute absorption. We here consider a chemically homogeneous spherical particle which undergoes self-diffusiophoresis due to the presence of nearby inert wall. In particular, we focus upon the near-contact limit where it was recently observed (Yariv, Phys. Rev. Fluids, vol. 1 (3), 2016, 032101) that the solute-concentration profile within the narrow gap separating the particle and the wall cannot be uniquely determined by a gap-scale analysis. We here revisit this near-contact limit using matched asymptotic expansions, the inner region being the gap domain and the outer region being on the particle scale. Asymptotic matching with the Hankel-transform representation of the outer distribution of solute concentration serves to determine both the scaling and magnitude of the corresponding inner profile. The ensuing gap-scale pressure field, set by a lubrication mechanism, gives rise to an anomalous particle–wall interaction, scaling as an irrational power of the gap clearance.


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Boundary-induced autophoresis of isotropic colloids: anomalous repulsion in the lubrication limit

  • Ehud Yariv (a1)


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