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Fano resonances in acoustics


In contrast to completely open systems, laterally confined domains can sustain localized, truly trapped modes with nominally zero radiation loss. These discrete resonant modes cannot be excited linearly by the continuous propagating duct modes due to symmetry constraints. If the symmetry of the geometry is broken the trapped modes become highly localized quasi-trapped modes which can interfere with the propagating duct modes. The resulting narrowband Fano resonances with resonance and antiresonance features are a generic phenomenon in all scattering problems with multiple resonant pathways. This paper deals with the classical scattering of acoustic waves by various obstacles such as hard-walled single and multiple circular cylinders or rectangular and wedge-like screens in a two-dimensional duct without mean flow. The transmission and reflection coefficients as well as the (complex) resonances are computed numerically by means of the finite-element method in conjunction with two different absorbing boundary conditions, namely the complex scaling method and the Hardy space method. The results exhibit the typical asymmetric Fano line shapes near the trapped-mode resonances if the symmetry of the geometry is broken.

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