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Flow field around a vibrating cantilever: coherent structure eduction by continuous wavelet transform and proper orthogonal decomposition

  • Y.-H. KIM (a1), C. CIERPKA (a2) and S. T. WERELEY (a3)

The velocity field around a vibrating cantilever plate was experimentally investigated using phase-locked particle image velocimetry. Experiments were performed at Reynolds numbers of Reh = 101, 126 and 146 based on the tip amplitude and the speed of the cantilever. The averaged vector fields indicate a pseudo-jet flow, which is dominated by vortical structures. These vortical structures are identified and characterized using the continuous wavelet transform. Three-dimensional flow features are also clearly revealed by this technique. Furthermore, proper orthogonal decomposition was used to investigate regions of vortex production and breakdown. The results show clearly that the investigation of phase-averaged data hides several key flow features. Careful data post-processing is therefore necessary to investigate the flow around the vibrating cantilever and similar highly transient periodic flows.

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The first and the second author contributed equally to the paper.

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