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Graded resonator arrays for spatial frequency separation and amplification of water waves

  • Luke G. Bennetts (a1), Malte A. Peter (a2) (a3) and Richard V. Craster (a4)


A structure capable of substantially amplifying water waves over a broad range of frequencies at selected locations is proposed. The structure consists of a small number of C-shaped cylinders in a line array, with the cylinder properties graded along the array. Using linear potential-flow theory, it is shown that the energy carried by a plane incident wave is amplified within specified cylinders for wavelengths comparable to the array length and for a range of incident directions. Transfer-matrix analysis is used to attribute the large amplifications to excitation of local Rayleigh–Bloch waves and gradual slowing down of their group velocity along the array.


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Graded resonator arrays for spatial frequency separation and amplification of water waves

  • Luke G. Bennetts (a1), Malte A. Peter (a2) (a3) and Richard V. Craster (a4)


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