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Highly focused supersonic microjets: numerical simulations

  • Ivo R. Peters (a1), Yoshiyuki Tagawa (a1), Nikolai Oudalov (a1), Chao Sun (a1), Andrea Prosperetti (a1) (a2), Detlef Lohse (a1) and Devaraj van der Meer (a1)...

By focusing a laser pulse inside a capillary partially filled with liquid, a vapour bubble is created that emits a pressure wave. This pressure wave travels through the liquid and creates a fast, focused axisymmetric microjet when it is reflected at the meniscus. We numerically investigate the formation of this microjet using axisymmetric boundary integral simulations, where we model the pressure wave as a pressure pulse applied on the bubble. We find a good agreement between the simulations and experimental results in terms of the time evolution of the jet and on all parameters that can be compared directly. We present a simple analytical model that accurately predicts the velocity of the jet after the pressure pulse and its maximum velocity.

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