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Hydrodynamic interaction between gas bubbles in liquid

  • L. Van Wijngaarden (a1) and D. J. Jeffrey (a2)


A calculation is given of the velocity which a cloud of identical gas bubbles acquires when the liquid in which the cloud is immersed is impulsively accelerated. From the results an expression follows for the effective virtual mass of a bubble in a gas-bubble/liquid mixture. Further consideration is given to that part of the momentum flux in the mixture associated with relative motion between liquid and bubbles. An expression for this quantity is derived which appears to differ from the one used in practice. It is shown that qualitative support for the expression obtained here is provided by experimental observations reported in the literature.



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Hydrodynamic interaction between gas bubbles in liquid

  • L. Van Wijngaarden (a1) and D. J. Jeffrey (a2)


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