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Impact of collisional versus viscous dissipation on flow instabilities in gas–solid systems

  • Xiaolong Yin (a1), John R. Zenk (a2), Peter P. Mitrano (a2) and Christine M. Hrenya (a2)

Flow instabilities encountered in the homogeneous cooling of a gas–solid system are considered via lattice-Boltzmann simulations. Unlike previous efforts, the relative contribution of the two mechanisms leading to instabilities is explored: viscous dissipation (fluid-phase effects) and collisional dissipation (particle-phase effects). The results indicate that the instabilities encountered in the gas–solid system mimic those previously observed in their granular (no fluid) counterparts, namely a velocity vortex instability that precedes in time a clustering instability. We further observe that the onset of the instabilities is quicker in more dissipative systems, regardless of the source of the dissipation. Somewhat surprisingly however, a cross-over of the kinetic energy levels is observed during the evolution of the instability. Specifically, the kinetic energy of the gas–solid system is seen to become greater than that of its granular counterpart (i.e. same restitution coefficient) after the vortex instability sets in. This cross-over of kinetic energy levels between a more dissipative system (gas–solid) and a less dissipative system (granular) can be explained by the alignment of particle motion found in a vortex. Such alignment leads to a reduction in both collisional and viscous energy dissipation due to the more glancing nature of collisions.

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Yin et al. supplementary movie
Evolution of the coarse-grained particle velocity field at three different times: ReT = 30, e = 0.8, φ = 0.2, ρp /ρg = 1000.

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Yin et al. supplementary movie
Evolution of the coarse-grained particle velocity field at three different times: ReT = 30, e = 0.8, φ = 0.2, ρp /ρg = 1000.

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