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Multilayer shallow water equations with complete Coriolis force. Part 3. Hyperbolicity and stability under shear

  • Andrew L. Stewart (a1) and Paul J. Dellar (a1)

We analyse the hyperbolicity of our multilayer shallow water equations that include the complete Coriolis force due to the Earth’s rotation. Shallow water theory represents flows in which the vertical shear is concentrated into vortex sheets between layers of uniform velocity. Such configurations are subject to Kelvin–Helmholtz instabilities, with arbitrarily large growth rates for sufficiently short-wavelength disturbances. These instabilities manifest themselves through a loss of hyperbolicity in the shallow water equations, rendering them ill-posed for the solution of initial value problems. We show that, in the limit of vanishingly small density difference between the two layers, our two-layer shallow water equations remain hyperbolic when the velocity difference remains below the same threshold that also ensures the hyperbolicity of the standard shallow water equations. Direct calculation of the domain of hyperbolicity becomes much less tractable for three or more layers, so we demonstrate numerically that the threshold for the velocity differences, below which the three-layer equations remain hyperbolic, is also unchanged by the inclusion of the complete Coriolis force. In all cases, the shape of the domain of hyperbolicity, which extends outside the threshold, changes considerably. The standard shallow water equations only lose hyperbolicity due to shear parallel to the direction of wave propagation, but the complete Coriolis force introduces another mechanism for loss of hyperbolicity due to shear in the perpendicular direction. We demonstrate that this additional mechanism corresponds to the onset of a transverse shear instability driven by the non-traditional components of the Coriolis force in a three-dimensional continuously stratified fluid.

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Now at: Environmental Science and Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA.

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