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On the acoustic levitation stability behaviour of spherical and ellipsoidal particles

  • D. Foresti (a1), M. Nabavi (a1) and D. Poulikakos (a1)


We present here an in-depth analysis of particle levitation stability and the role of the radial and axial forces exerted on fixed spherical and ellipsoidal particles levitated in an axisymmetric acoustic levitator, over a wide range of particle sizes and surrounding medium viscosities. We show that the stability behaviour of a levitated particle in an axisymmetric levitator is unequivocally connected to the radial forces: the loss of levitation stability is always due to the change of the radial force sign from positive to negative. It is found that the axial force exerted on a sphere of radius increases with increasing viscosity for ( is the acoustic wavelength), with the viscous contribution of this force scaling with the inverse of the sphere radius. The axial force decreases with increasing viscosity for spheres with . The radial force, on the other hand, decreases monotonically with increasing viscosity. The radial and axial forces exerted on an ellipsoidal particle are larger than those exerted on a volume-equivalent sphere, up to the point where the ellipsoid starts to act as an obstacle to the formation of the standing wave in the levitator chamber.


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