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On the need for a nonlinear subscale turbulence term in POD models as exemplified for a high-Reynolds-number flow over an Ahmed body

  • Jan Östh (a1), Bernd R. Noack (a2), Siniša Krajnović (a1), Diogo Barros (a2) (a3) and Jacques Borée (a2)...


We investigate a hierarchy of eddy-viscosity terms in proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) Galerkin models to account for a large fraction of unresolved fluctuation energy. These Galerkin methods are applied to large eddy simulation (LES) data for a flow around a vehicle-like bluff body called an Ahmed body. This flow has three challenges for any reduced-order model: a high Reynolds number, coherent structures with broadband frequency dynamics, and meta-stable asymmetric base flow states. The Galerkin models are found to be most accurate with modal eddy viscosities as proposed by Rempfer & Fasel (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 260, 1994a, pp. 351–375; J. Fluid Mech. vol. 275, 1994b, pp. 257–283). Robustness of the model solution with respect to initial conditions, eddy-viscosity values and model order is achieved only for state-dependent eddy viscosities as proposed by Noack, Morzyński & Tadmor (Reduced-Order Modelling for Flow Control, CISM Courses and Lectures, vol. 528, 2011). Only the POD system with state-dependent modal eddy viscosities can address all challenges of the flow characteristics. All parameters are analytically derived from the Navier–Stokes-based balance equations with the available data. We arrive at simple general guidelines for robust and accurate POD models which can be expected to hold for a large class of turbulent flows.


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On the need for a nonlinear subscale turbulence term in POD models as exemplified for a high-Reynolds-number flow over an Ahmed body

  • Jan Östh (a1), Bernd R. Noack (a2), Siniša Krajnović (a1), Diogo Barros (a2) (a3) and Jacques Borée (a2)...


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