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Optimal control of a separated boundary-layer flow over a bump

  • Pierre-Yves Passaggia (a1) and Uwe Ehrenstein (a2)

The optimal control of a globally unstable two-dimensional separated boundary layer over a bump is considered using augmented Lagrangian optimization procedures. The present strategy allows for controlling of the flow from a fully developed nonlinear state back to the steady state using a single actuator. The method makes use of a decomposition between the slow dynamics associated with the base flow modification and the fast dynamics, known as flapping, characterized by a large scale oscillation of the recirculation region. Starting from a steady state forced by a suction actuator located near the separation point, the base flow modification is shown to be controlled by a vanishing suction strategy. For weakly unstable flow regimes, this control law can be further optimized by means of direct–adjoint iterations of the nonlinear Navier–Stokes equations. In the absence of external noise, this novel approach proves to be capable of controlling the transient dynamics and the base flow modification simultaneously.

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